Why Windward Nazarene Academy?


WNA Challenges Young Minds

At WNA we encourage your child to explore — to create — to learn new concepts. Learning by doing motivates preschoolers. The curriculum at WNA is well-rounded — art, music, iPads, even sustainable gardening take their place next to language, math and social studies. Learning is meant to be fun at WNA. From Preschool to Elementary and Intermediate grades (up to grade 8), our students are taught important life skills in a safe, nurturing Christian environment. Our goal is to expand their knowledge and skills while creating lifetime experiences.


Tuition Is Affordable at WNA

We understand how hard you work in order to provide for your family and to give your child a quality education. With that in mind, WNA makes every attempt to keep tuition at a reasonable level, lower than comparable Christian schools in the community.


An Education for the Mind and Spirit

Windward Nazarene Academy provides a healthy, moral education, always keeping in mind that each child is unique. Faith-based values are incorporated into the curriculum, a balanced program designed to answer the curiosity of young minds while giving children the confidence to explore; to build strong relationships and grow to be solid, productive, grace-filled members of their families and society. These have been the goals of our preschool since 1967 and continue as we go forward.